5 Best Natural Remedies Treatments of Impotence

No doubt, there are several mediational and surgical options available for male impotence treatment. But, is it possible that some natural remedy could help with it indeed?

Well, some people do not want to or prefer not to go for such mediational or surgical methods due to the potential consequences. They look if they could explore possible natural options as cure.

If you are one of them out there, this post is definitely for you.

This post will have a brief discussion on 5 best natural remedies that treat male impotence. Indeed, we will talk about some good alternatives.

Shall we begin?

What is impotence and how treatments work?

Before we start talking about the treatments itself, we prefer that you have a common understanding to what this male sexual disorder is and how any sort of treatment could help improve it.

Male impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual dysfunction which makes difficult for a man to achieve or sustain a firm erection during intercourse.It commonly occurs due to contracted penile arteries that reduce blood flow to penile tissues/corpus cavernosa to make an erection occur. Indeed, any treatment whether it is natural, mediational, or surgical, if it could improve blood flow to penile vessels, it would eventually improve erectile health i.e. male impotence.

Most commonly, FDA approved ED medicines, especially Generic Viagra 200 MG pills (High Dose) is prescribed to treat impotence. It contains sildenafil citrate which works as a vasodilator that improve blood flow to penile arteries– eventually helping with the erection.

Well, it has other alternatives as if Cialis 60 MG pills and Levitra dosages that doctors also prescribe, accordingly. These alternatives has a same working mechanism and effect, and belong to the same group of drugs, PDE-5 inhibitors including Viagra (sildenafil).

But, some natural remedies could also be helpful–– Do you know what those are?

Natural remedies for impotence

Well, the market is full of fake natural remedies that claim to cure male impotence– but, definitely, they do not work.

So, how do you know if there are remedies that could help? Umm, we could help indeed. Some common natural ED remedies or supplements include;


L-arginine is a great natural source of amino acid which our body converts into nitric oxide. And, if you do not know, nitric oxide is responsible for arterial health. Increased nitric oxide levels in body could help contracted penile arteries to widen to eventually have an increased blood flow– for better erection.L-arginine has a pretty similar working mechanism as if any ED medicine such as Generic Levitra 60 MG Pills. It works as a vasodilator to regulate blood flow and boost erectile health.

Korean red ginseng

Also known as panax ginseng, Korean red ginseng is found in Korean regions. It works as a vasodilator as well as aphrodisiac to improve overall male sexual function. It is backed by researches that 89% saw a significant improvement in their sexual function after 1 week on regular 100MG intake.


Yohimbe is an African based herb which is known for its quality to boost libido and work as an aphrodisiac. Yohimbe root extract supplement can be taken 50-100MG daily to see significant improvement in a couple of weeks.


DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a type of natural herb which is said to improve male and female sexual libido. Indeed, some studies have evidenced that it could stimulate blood arteries and help push adequate blood flow to penile tissues for a decent erection.


This might not seem related, but yes, it of course is.Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method to relieve certain health problems. Sharp needles are inserted in different pressure points in body. It is not yet confirmed how it works but reports suggested that men put on a study found significant improvement.

These are some natural remedies that help.

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